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Workers Compensation

Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation with 22+ years of experience in employment law, devoted to justice in personal injury.

If you have suffered an injury at work, you may be asking yourself:

What do I do to secure the medical treatment I need?

Who pays for my medical treatment?

What happens if I cannot do my normal job because of my injuries?

How do I get paid if I miss work?

What happens if I want a new doctor?

Can I get fired for reporting an accident or getting a lawyer?

How do I get compensated for permanent injuries that affect my ability to work?

How long do I have to report my injury?


Nothing can be more disruptive to a family than a serious injury at work.  You may quickly find that you are unable to return to work because of your injuries.  Your employer or an insurance agent may be directing you to certain medical care.  There are often delays in receiving the medical care you need or questions regarding who will pay for your treatment.  You may also be treating with a doctor who is more interested in pleasing the insurance company assigning the work than in paying serious attention to your medical needs.  You may find that you are not getting the treatment you deserve or that treatment recommendations are being ignored.  On top of this, a nurse case manager may be assigned who promises to have your best interest at heart.  You also are receiving paperwork and releases and being told that you have to cooperate or lose your benefits.  In other cases, you may be receiving no benefits because the employer is ignoring your injury or falsely denying your claim.  For example, many employers tell workers’ they have 24 hours to report an accident when the law gives you 30 days.  Other times, workers’ develop injuries over time due to repetitive and cumulative trauma (wear and tear due to the job duties) that the employer ignores as a legitimate injury when Florida law clearly allows recovery for such cases.


More importantly, people are often left with permanent injuries which threaten or prevent them from returning to work or the type of work they do.  Retraining or permanent disability benefits may be available.  People are often worried that employers will treat them differently or fire them because they report an accident, ask for benefits or hire a lawyer.  It is illegal in Florida for an employer to retaliate against a worker for receiving or pursuing workers’ compensation benefits.


There may be no easy answers to the questions you have, but, more often than not, you are receiving a fair amount of misinformation because the workers’ compensation system is a complex area of the law, and insurance companies often take advantage of being more sophisticated about it.  Mark G. Capron, however, has handled hundreds of workers’ compensation cases and over a hundred trials.  In fact, he is board certified in Workers’ Compensation by the Florida Bar which means he is considered an expert in this area of law.  You can know your rights with a free and personal consultation with him.  Furthermore, there are no fees or costs to you unless he is successful in getting you benefits or recovery (compensation).


The initial consultation with Mr. Capron is free, and if you choose his representation, there are no attorneys’ fees or costs payable unless there is a recovery.

Let us help you through this tough time.