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Insurance Claims

22 years of Experience in Insurance Claims.

We carry insurance to protect us, our families, our homes and our cars in case of loss, disaster or injury.  In automobile cases, for example, you have personal injury protection coverage that is designed to pay for your initial medical care and treatment together with lost wages.  You may also carry uninsured/underinsured coverage that is in place to pay for your injuries if the responsible party has no or not enough insurance coverage.  You may also carry other insurance to protect your home in the event of accident or loss.  It is frustrating to pay for this type of coverage over the course of time only to be faced with a denial once a claim is made.


Facing a large and impersonal insurance company to fight for the benefits you relied upon is a daunting task.  If you have been denied the coverage you deserve, consult with us.  You may need reliable and fearless protection to ensure that benefits are paid and provided.  The initial consultation is free, and often the insurance company is made to pay for our representation.

Let us help you through this tough time.